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It is the goal of the NBPFA to encourage New Brunswick athletes in the disciplines of Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Figure and Bikini to compete in competitions that are sanctioned by the CBBF. The NBPFA is officially affiliated with the CBBF and closely follows the procedures and rules as set down by the governing body. In return, we offer unbiased and fair judging and we guarantee smooth running and organized competitions that are promoted by only the most qualified and experienced promoters. For those athletes who reach elite status by qualifying for National competitions, we support and encourage NB athletes to strive for excellence in their chosen category. In return, the NBPFA offers financial assistance to those competing at National events.

Funding qualifications for ANY GIVEN YEAR are as follows:

  • Requests for funding must be received by the President of the NBPFA 60 days prior to any National event.
  • A request form will be posted on the website at this link: Request for Funding.
  • Athletes must qualify through the NBPFA Provincials by finishing in the top three of their division.
  • Athletes must qualify through the Saint John Championships in any Grandmaster or Masters Division by finishing in the top three of their division.
  • Athletes must be committed to supporting the NBPFA/CBBF/IFBB organizations by competing at sanctioned competitions.
  • Any athlete who has competed in a non-CBBF-affiliated competition will not be eligible for any financial aid for up to 2 years for all National Events.
  • Funding is eligible for (1) National event and (1) Division only.  Funding amounts will be pre-determined prior to the event.

Athletes will receive a pre-determined bursary amount from the NBPFA via cheque.  This will be issued during Registration prior to the National event taking place.  As well, for any new competitors competing at the National Level, the NBPFA will provide them with a Tracksuit, so long as they meet the pre-determined deadline date requesting funding.