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Why Join?

  • Annual General Meetings are held locally and all members are eligible to attend.
  • Voting privileges (in person) at Annual General Meetings.
  • Athlete Funding based on eligibility.
  • Three (3) Guaranteed Contests yearly.
  • We operate as a Not-For-Profit organization.
  • We will provide you Newsletters and Updates.
  • Contest Results will be posted within 48-72 hours following the event.
  • Contest Photos of the Top 3 and Overall Winners will be posted within 72-96 hours following the event.
  • Access to our new website for the Association to communicate information.
  • Two (2) Competitor Seminars yearly (one free of charge).
  • NBPFA Executive and organizers make for easy access and retrieval of information via websites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Membership means that you are affiliated with the CBBF and the IFBB.
  • Excellent contest venues (SJ Convention Centre, The Playhouse & Casino NB).
  • Reputable judging (consistent with National and IFBB rules). Our provincial Chief Judge Duncan Lombard, is also a CBBF Level Judge, as well as, our NBPFA President Heather LeBlanc and Vice-President Adam Walker are both CBBF Level Judges.


Why Join NBPFA