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Executive Roles

President: This position leads the Executive committee managing the day to day operations of the NBPFA on behalf of its members. Pursuant to the Constitution, By-laws and rules of the NBPFA and the CBBF.

Vice President: This position assists the President fulfilling the day to day activities for the members of the NBPFA.  Pursuant to the Constitution, By-laws and rules of the NBPFA and the CBBF.

Treasurer: The Secretary Treasurer is responsible for maintaining and recording of minutes for all General Membership meetings, maintaining NBPFA Bylaws, Constitution and General rules of the NBPFA and ensuring they are up to date at all times. The treasurer will maintain the operating funds of the NBPFA and will keep full and accurate accounts of all assets, liabilities, receipts and disbursements of funds, providing a yearly account of all expenditures to the General membership at each AGM.

Chief Judge: Reports to the Executive Committee and is responsible to ensure the judging format as detailed in the NBPFA / CBBF rules are followed at all NBPFA events. He appoints judges for all NBPFA events, ensures all judges are educated on all IFBB judging rules and updates as required the NBPFA judging criteria as mandated by IFBB CBFF rule changes. Also assists the NBPFA executive as required.

Director (s): Reports to the President and is responsible to engage new members to become part of the association.  To oversee from time to time the teams of volunteers who work in partnership to accomplish the NBPFA’s mission.   To track, record and input data into spreadsheets, produce membership cards and record minutes of meeting when requested.  The President requires; one (1) unilingual and one (1) bilingual Director to assist the NBPFA executive as required.  Directors will assist with other duties as needed/requested by the President.