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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) mandatory?

No, they are not mandatory, however, we encourage all members to be active participants in the decisions and direction of the NBPFA.

Do competitors need a membership in order to compete?

Yes, the membership fee must be paid 60 days prior to the event you are competing in.

How much does a membership cost?

The membership cost is $30.

When does a membership expire?

All memberships run calendar year, meaning they run from January 1 to December 31. All memberships expire on December 31, regardless of the date purchased.

What does a membership provide its members?

It allows members to attend all AGM meetings (since non-members would not be permitted to attend these meetings without becoming a member first). It also allows its members to offer suggestions to the executive and voice concerns, participate at no charge the provincial NB Fall seminar which will provide invaluable information, advice and direction and provides access to up-to-date correspondence and news sent via email and website to refer to. Most importantly a membership is required and will allow any NB athlete to compete at the Atlantic Classic, SJ Fall Classic, NBPFA Provincials, National Events or any other International or Miscellaneous events.

If an athlete is qualified to compete at the National or International level, are they required to have a Membership?

Yes. You must have a membership in order to compete in these events. As a member, if you are registered and compete with the CBBF, the NBPFA will provide a funding bursary amount so long as the deadline has not past. In addition to funding, a Tracksuit will also be issued for any first time national level competitors.

Are memberships or registration to events refundable in the event a member can no longer compete due to personal/medical reasons?

Memberships are absolutely non-refundable and non-transferable. Registrations for events/seminars are also non-refundable and non-transferable. Special emergency type circumstances regarding registrations are handled on an individual basis at the discretion of the Executive Committee and/or the Promoters.

What is the difference between the NBPFA Provincials, the Saint John Fall Classic and the Atlantic Classic Championships?

NBPFA Provincials is open to NB athletes and an official qualifier for all National Events. Athletes placing in the top 3 and/or any overall placing will officially qualify them for National Events. This event is promoted by the NBPFA Executive and is usually held in November of each calendar year.

Saint John Fall Classic is open to NB athletes and an official qualifier for the divisions in Masters and Grandmasters Divisions for all National Events.  Athletes placing in the top 3 of any Masters division will officially qualify them for National Events.  1st place in any Masters division will provide them with a lifetime bye in any Masters or Grandmasters division at the National Level. This event is promoted by Adam Walker, Canadian Made Muscle Inc and sanctioned under the NBPFA. This event is usually held in October of each calendar year.

Atlantic Classic Championships is a prestige, fun and comradery event open to all athletes in all four Atlantic Provinces; NB, NS, PEI and NL. This event is not a National Qualifier, unless special circumstances or approval is given by the CBBF President. This event is promoted by Heather & Jean LeBlanc, J&H Promotions and is sanctioned under the NBPFA. This event is usually held in April or May of each calendar year.

If an athlete is not a New Brunswick resident, can they compete in the NBPFA?

No, the athlete must be a New Brunswick resident. At registration, membership cards as well as, driver’s license (picture ID) must be shown to the executive to confirm residency.

How old must you be to compete in New Brunswick?

The legal age to compete is 18 years of age or older.

Can an athlete who has a Pro Card in another Fitness organization compete with the NBPFA?

If an athlete has attained a Pro status in any other fitness organization, you are ineligible to compete at any NBPFA event. If you wish to relinquish your Pro status in order to compete, you must do so, in writing, to both the fitness organization itself, as well as the President of the NBPFA. If you do so and are found to have returned to compete as a Pro after having competed as an amateur with the NBPFA you will be banned, for life, from competing in any of the NBPFA events. If you have questions regarding this matter, please direct them to

How does an athlete know which weight class they choose when they register?

Estimate what your weight will be at the time of weigh ins, the night before the event. Refer to the Division Categories Tab under Rules on the website and choose based on your estimated weight. This can always be changed at the time of weigh ins.

Can a member sign up to compete at Registration the night before?

Yes. However, you will be subject to an additional late charge of $100 on top of the registration fee.

How much does it cost to register to compete with the NBPFA?

The cost is $80.00 to register in one class and each additional class is $50. A membership is mandatory to compete and costs $30.00. NOTE: You are only eligible to compete in ONE division, so the only time you will pay for two classes is if you are doing the Masters/and open classes within the same division.

Can an athlete cross-over and compete into another division at the same event?

No. Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique, Men’s Classic Physique and Bikini are considered separate divisions. You cannot compete in two divisions at the same event.

The only exception would be to cross over into a Masters, Grand Masters and an Open class. At the SJ Fall Classic, Physique Couples and Fitness Model divisions may also cross- over into any division in an open or master’s class in Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique, Men’s Classic Physique and Bikini.

Does the NBPFA check suits, shorts, trunks and shoes at Registration and should an athlete bring a back-up?

The NBPFA does not check suits, shorts, trunks and shoes. *Please be advised that the judges will score any athlete down who clearly has not conformed to regulations outlined in the rules on the website. It is the responsibility of the athlete to follow the proper suit selection procedures to ensure its appropriate for the stage. If you have any questions or concerns, kindly message the executive at

Where can a member find information on Suits, Shorts, Posing Trunks and Shoe requirements?

The NBPFA follow the guidelines set forth by the CBBF. However, you can find all the information you require under the RULES tab of this website.

What side does a competitor’s button have to be pinned on?

Competitor buttons must be worn on the left hip.

What Tanning or Stage products are banned and can no longer be used?

Dream Tan creams, Pam Spray and Hot Stuff are banned for use. Any product found on an athlete or backstage will automatically disqualify an athlete from competing and a written warning to ensure the incident is not repeated.

Can coaches and/or family member(s) come backstage with a competitor?

Personnel designated by the promoter/or the NBPFA will be available backstage for the athletes.  However, there is a new policy in place on coaches/trainers/family members. Anyone wishing to request and purchase a backstage pass, the cost is $75. However, this individual would also be required to purchase an evening show ticket and show proof of purchase. All requests for backstage passes can be sent to  It will be at the discretion of the Promoters/NBPFA Executive if your request is granted and approved. Without a backstage pass, no person(s) are permitted backstage other than the competitor and individuals designated by the promoter and/or the NBPFA.

Can alcohol beverages be consumed or brought backstage?

No alcohol is allowed backstage at any of the NBPFA venues. Possession of alcohol or drugs of any kind backstage will result in immediate disqualification from competing with the possibility of suspension from competing for an indefinite period of time. This decision will be handled at the discretion of the Executive Committee and/or Promoter. 

Should an athlete cover up tattoos before stepping on stage?

Depending on the tattoo placement and the density of the ink, tattoos can be distracting and obscure definition. On the other side of the coin, tattoo cover-up and trying to hide tattoo’s can do more harm than good. Some cosmetics used to cover a tattoo often obscure definition in the muscle and skin tone than the tattoo(s) themselves. It is at the discretion of the competitor which route they decide to go. Have your coach or a member of the executive see the difference in tattoo cover-up versus tattoo skin deep to make your final decision.

How can an athlete receive feedback or critique after a show?

Only the top 10 will be eligible for judges feedback. The executive/head judge will delegate feedback to a select panel of judges that judged the event, as appropriate. Kindly email and someone will contact you on the steps to follow. Athletes need to be patient on the turn around of feedback due to the volume of competitors requesting same.

Where can athletes go to find out about National Level Competitions?

All competitors should visit the CBBF website for ANY updated information regarding competing.

How does one qualify to compete in a National Event?

Athletes competing under the NBPFA must compete at the NBPFA Provincials or Saint John Fall Classic (for Masters Divisions) in order to qualify for any CBBF National event.

CBBF National Bodybuilding, Bikini & Men’s Classic Physique Championships CBBF National Figure, Fitness & Physique Championships:

Overall – Lifetime bye
1st – Eligible to compete for up to 2 years
2nd – Eligible to compete for up to 1 year *must compete within the SAME calendar year
3rd – Eligible to compete for up to 1 year *must compete within the SAME calendar year

IFBB World Qualifier:

Athletes must compete at the NBPFA or SJ Provincial Masters yearly in order to be qualified for the IFBB World Event Qualifier. The IFBB World Event Qualifier does not fall under the same tier system as the (2) other CBBF Events.

Overall – Lifetime bye

1st, 2nd and 3rd: Eligible to compete for up to 1 year *must compete within the SAME calendar year

Please Note: Placing top 3 at a CBBF National event and/or IFBB World Qualifier does not qualify you for the IFBB World Qualifier the following year with the exception of Overall NBPFA winners.